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Alligator for Baby’s T-shirt with cricut htv

When it comes to making life interesting, at some point the thoughts need to be turned into action. With summer around the corner, shirt has become the best choice for crafter mom to be working with. A single white tee can be so impressive with creative ideas. Today I am gonna introduce you an adorable pattern-Alligator. Let’s make a lovely alligator baby shirt together! First prepare these things below: Download the pattern: ( If you want this svg, please contact us at Facebook.) First step, cut a piece of the best green htv vinyl. Then put it on the iron-on mat,...

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Print Stickers with Printable Htv Vinyl

With the trend of DIY, more and more people are keen to crafting. In today’s step-by-step tutorial, I will show you how easy it is to create your own custom stickers with printable htv vinyl.           First, prepare something we need below: Printable htv vinyl Cutting mat Cricut htv Maker or similar cutting machine Some lovely patterns that you like The first step is to design the patterns. Here we can show you some examples: After that, load a sheet of printable htv vinyl into your printer. Be sure to feed the paper correctly so that...

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2020 HTV Vinyl Color of the Year is Classic Blue

HTVRont Heat Transfer Vinyl is a great way to add a good look with a super soft feel to your HTV applications.The best htv vinyl has rich color and soft touch, which stands out from the crowd. This htv vinyl is very suitable for Silhouette Cameo3 or Cricut Explore Air3. This vinyl can be used with household irons, but it is easier to use with a heat press machine. Use this blue htv vinyl on shirts, bags, pillowcases, etc.! It is fun to be able to decorate your own shirts, bags, blankets, hats, etc.! It enables you to truly express...

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The most popular HTV craft ideas for cosmetic bags

In order to make yourself look good and amazing among your friends, you should consider the various accessories around you. Showing a good-looking cosmetic bag is a good choice. The bags should depend on personal liking and partiality. Keeping in mind the price and availability.If used in the right way, simple bags can be attractive and comfortable by using cricut htv. Makeup bags should also be fun and attractive. In order to make the cosmetic bag charming, htv vinyl can be used through various techniques and tools. Simple cosmetic bags and htv vinyl are the only major accessories needed in...

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The Most Suitable HTV Vinyl Projects Made with Children

Do you like foxes? When I was a child, I like listening to fairy tales. There is a smart fox,he is smart and can solve many problems. When I was listening to the story, I imagined the look of foxes, orange hair and smart eyes. I always wanted a picture of a fox in my childhood, beside the bed.   When I searched on the website for what crafts to make, I thought of the fox. And I found this cute picture of a fox, made this fox wood sign. Making a fox wood sign is a very interesting thing....

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