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DIY Wood Board with HTV Vinyl

Many people use such wood boards drawing, make beautiful ornaments, and decorate the bedroom. It's a simple project, you can use htv vinyl instead of paint. After cut and weed , iron on it on wood board. There are many colors of htv vinyl to meet your creative needs.For this project, I used glitter htv vinyl and emerald green htv vinyl.Temperature:248FPress time:8S   You can use different types of craft ideas on the wood. You can use it as a drawing board, if you want to make an abstract painting, you don't need cricut, use scissors to cut out the...

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DIY HTV Vinyl for Tote Bags: Gift Ideas for Family, Friends, and Teachers

Tote Bags are very common in life, take photoes with good dress and beautiful bags, it's a very fashionable thing.We often decorate things with HTV vinyl, such as: T-shirts, hats, socks.Let's try bags this time. Follow me do the crafts,it's very easy.Inspired by peacock illustrations, the color of peacock is very beautiful, there are many different colors. In this project I used a simple style, using two colors: royal blue and emerald green. Simple colors spelled peacocks, aren't they pretty? When I was making it, I thought that using Glitter htv vinyl would be better.   The following is my...

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HTVRont Vinyl - DIY Pet Shirts for Kids

Do you like pets? I guess you must like it. The joy of family is inseparable from the company of pets. It will be fun to make a pet T-shirt for children. As a mother, you must have taken many pictures of children and pets together. Children wearing pet T-shirts with cats or dogs to take pictures together, imagine it is really cute.   Take pictures of children and pets in the room, to share happiness. Why not do something special to commemorate the growth of children and dogs? I think this must be very meaningful! There are many interesting...

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HTVRont Supports Credit Card Payment

We did not open the credit card payment function, which is very inconvenient for people who are used to paying by credit card. So we added the credit card payment function! HTVRont has been improving service.If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact: support@htvrontvinyl.comAbout PaymentThere are two reasons for payment failure 1.Reason:The card used by consumers for payment has bad transaction records, such as refusal to pay, etc., which leads to the risk value of the transaction being too high and rejected by the bank.What to Do?The cardholder need to consults the card issuing bank why it was rejected.And...

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HTVRont Creations:DIY Tote Bag with Heat Transfer Vinyl

Is a great way to go Green with tote bag.You can make variety tote bags with HTV Vinyl.   You can use tote bags in many ways. It's not only go Green, but also go Fashion. The tote canvas bag is great for food shopping,you can use it when you go to the library to hold all those books you rented. And it's great for traveling.Imagine you are holding a beautiful tote bag, posing, and taking beautiful pictures. It can help you holding that extra pair of shoes to the playground. A lunch bag or school bag for the books.You can...

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