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Print Stickers with Printable Htv Vinyl

Printable Vinyl

With the trend of DIY, more and more people are keen to crafting. In today’s step-by-step tutorial, I will show you how easy it is to create your own custom stickers with printable htv vinyl.


First, prepare something we need below:

Printable htv vinyl

Cutting mat

Cricut htv Maker or similar cutting machine

Some lovely patterns that you like

The first step is to design the patterns. Here we can show you some examples:

After that, load a sheet of printable htv vinyl into your printer. Be sure to feed the paper correctly so that the print ends up on the front of the paper.

Place the printed sheet into a cricut htv maker. Press the start button and then the machine will cut the edge of each image carefully.

After the cutting has finished you can weed the excess vinyl from around the printed images.Trim away the excess paper backing to create a sheet of stickers that will fit inside of your planner pocket.

Now you can peel and stick your custom stickers on whatever you like! These are strong and lovely little stickers~



Hope you like these! Shop the best htv vinyl now!

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